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Building Bridges

Date: 05th May, 2019 

Timings: 09:30 am to 5:30 pm

Venue: Welinkgar Institute of Management

Fees: Rs. 1,500/-

Last Date for Registration: 28th April, 2019


about the workshop

Welingkar’s workshop on Building Bridges will train professionals, self-employed and other individuals to learn about building professional relationships. Participants will learn about the art and technique of building professional rapport and will be able to build their confidence while setting up calls, meetings, conferences etc, using basic elements of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

The one day program will cover:

  • How to build rapport- initiating and establishing rapport using non-verbal techniques

  • How to enhance your current rapport building skills using self-development techniques

  • How to re-establish a rapport with someone by maintaining and sustaining relationships in difficult situations



Why should you attend this workshop?

  • To establish a harmonious relationship at workplace across different levels and teams

  • To create a positive work environment for better output

  • To boost your confidence and strengthen your communication skills

  • To maintain and sustain better professional relationships with flair.


Who should attend this workshop?

  • Professionals, self-employed, students and other individuals looking for finesse in their interaction skills

  • Professionals who interact with various teams and levels of an organization on a regular basis

  • Entrepreneurs who want to build rapport with different people associated with their business




More about Building Bridges


As the ancient African proverb goes- “If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.” Success can never be achieved alone. We need to be associated with various people at different levels of our professional life to be able to reach where we want to go. And to be associated with people, we need to have a strong relationship with them.

Whether it’s the customers, or partners, stakeholders, vendors, and even colleagues, having a strong rapport across teams and at every level of an organization is essential for great productivity. It garners a healthy work environment and inculcates positivity. And where there’s harmony, there’s great work and success.