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Conflict Resolution & Group Dynamics

Date: 19th February, 2017

Timings: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Venue: Welinkgar Institute of Management

Fees: Rs. 1,500/-

Last Date for Registration: 12th February, 2017


About the Workshop:

Welingkar’s workshop on Conflict Management and group dynamics is directed towards training professionals and individuals to handle conflicts in any situation and bring harmony within groups, and enhance their leadership skills. At this workshop you would learn to manage conflicts through simulated games, case studies, group discussions and role plays. The workshop focuses on:

  • Group Development Process, Causes of Inter personal conflicts

  • Approaches to conflict resolution, Problem Solving Approach

  • Effective tools for Problem solving

As a key take-away, you will gain the advantages of:

  • Better motivated staff; staff energies are directed to work rather than emotions.

  • A more positive image of self, people who work in the organization

  • Improved team work and customer relations


Why should you attend this workshop?

  • To enhance your conflict resolution skills and understand team/group equations better

  • To analyse problems that occur in a group and resolve them acoordingly

  • Grow as individuals, members of their families and communities, leaders and as members of a team.


Who should attend this workshop?

  • Customer Service Executives, Managers, Business Heads, Entrepreneurs, who want to improve their ability to resolve conflicts in personal or social situations

  • Team leaders who want to enhance their skills on team dynamics and resolve team disparities.

  • Professionals who want to enhance their conflict resolution skills

  • Individuals who want to get better at problem solving in their professional or personal lives


MORE ON Conflict Resolution & Group Dynamics

Conflicts can occur anytime, anywhere and between anyone- two or more individuals, a group of friends or colleagues and even family members. Whether it’s a business, work or home situation, one cannot avoid conflicts. But one can definitely learn how to handle the same and resolve the issues that arise. Reasons for conflicts can be numerous- difference of opinion, problematic work situations, unrealistic expectations, poor communication, unfriendly behaviour, non-compliance and so on. Conflicts amongst teams/groups lead to further complications and affect the potential of the same and thus deteriorates the output as expected.

Conflicts need to addressed at the very outset and resolved immediately to be able to thrive in a healthy professional or social environment and bind groups of people together.