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Experiential Learning

Date: 11th February, 2017

Timings: 8:30 am onward

Venue: Welinkgar Institute of Management

Fees: Rs. 2,500/-

Last Date for Registration: 05th February, 2017


about the workshop

What we learn with pleasure we never forget.  - Alfred Mercier

Why do we play games in the first place? To have fun, to immerse into an imaginary world, to take the challenge and outsmart the opponents and/or win, etc. During this workshop, Games are used for personal development and to improve self-esteem of the player i.e. learner.

Who should attend the workshop?

This workshop is open to students, executives and businessmen. 



  • Gamification:  We use game thinking and game mechanics in various contexts to engage users in solving problems and increase participation
  • Stimulation: Using games the facilitators would influence motivation and engagement of the learners in a positive way
  • Skill building: Instilling problem solving skills, communication and collaboration, strategic thinking; and social skills.

Experiential Learning

MORE about Experiential Learning 

Knowledge is not only acquired from books and classrooms, but more importantly through experience. And this is what ‘Experiential Learning’ is about – creating memorable and educational experiences. Technically, ‘Experiential learning’ is a method of education where skills, knowledge, and experiences are acquired outside conventional classroom and through various unconventional activities. Experiential Learning uses games and interactive sessions for personal development and improves self-esteem of the players. Using games, the facilitators would influence motivation and engagement of the learners in a positive way. Basic level starts with eye-hand coordination skills and continues to more complex skills e.g. problem solving skills, communication and collaboration skills, strategic thinking skills, social skills.