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Experiential Learning

Date: 20th May - 21st May, 2017

Time: 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Venue: Welinkgar Institute of Management

Fees: Rs. 2500/-

Last Date for Registration: 14th May, 2017


about the workshop

This two-day workshop is directed towards your personal development and confidence building to enhance your professional success. It will involve undertaking games that will offer instant feedback for your actions and decisions, thus helping you understand and improvise your approach to situations.

So register right away for this workshop at Welingkar Institute of Management, Matunga, to learn how you can change your approach to boost personal development and confidence. 

Who should attend the workshop?

This workshop will benefit all WeSchool students. Enrolment is subject to the availability of seats. Registration will be on “First Come First Serve” basis.



  • This workshop will let you self-assess your decision-making approach and alter it actively for enhanced personal development
  • It will help you enhance your personal development in context to problem-solving, communication, collaboration, and strategizing skills

Experiential Learning

MORE about Workshops: 

Workshops educate students on topics that directly and indirectly contribute to career growth and professional success. They also provide clarity on these topics by showcasing practical examples. Attending workshops is beneficial in understanding the various technical and soft skills involved in managing a successful career. By attending these workshops, you can equip yourself with knowledge and confidence in context of the professional world.