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Experiential Learning Program

Date: 20th April, 2019

Time: 8.30 am onwards

Venue: Welingkar Institute of Management

Fees: Rs. 2500/-

Last Date for Registration: 14th April, 2019


about the workshop

Why do we play games in the first place? To have fun, to immerse in an imaginary world, to take the challenge and outsmart the opponents and win, etc. There are probably as many slightly different reasons to play games as there are players.

Well, during this workshop, Games are used for personal development and to improve the self-esteem of the player, i.e. learner.

So register right away for the workshop on ‘Experiential Learning’ at Welingkar Institute of Management, Matunga.

Who should attend the workshop?

This workshop will benefit all WeSchool students. Enrollment is subject to the availability of seats. Registration will be on “First Come First Serve” basis.

All professionals who want to strengthen their professional behaviour and succeed at their workplace should attend the workshop. 



With using games, the facilitators would influence motivation and engagement of the learners in a positive way. Basic skill level starts with eye-hand coordination skills and continues to more complex skills, e.g. problem-solving skills, communication and collaboration skills, strategic thinking skills, social skills. In a game-like learning environment, learning by doing, active learning and experiential learning step in the foreground.

Experiential Learning

MORE about Workshops: 

Workshops educate students on topics that directly and indirectly contribute to career growth and professional success. They also provide clarity on these subjects by showcasing practical examples. Attending workshops is beneficial in understanding the various technical and soft skills involved in managing a successful career. By participating in these workshops, you can equip yourself with knowledge and confidence in the context of the professional world.