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Date: 25th May, 2019

Time: 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm

Venue: Welinkgar Institute of Management

Fees: Rs. 800/-

Last Date for Registration: 19th May, 2019


about the workshop

Have you ever wished that you could really learn through a different medium and not have to use dry books only! When we are engaged with the content through a medium we love, we understand better & retain better.

‘Learning With Movies’, is an effort to make learning alive through the use of drama and film. Throughout the session, we will have faculty who would facilitate the whole process. With his vast experience in corporate training using Movies, we would all go through an exciting evening of learning, full of value addition and meaningfulness.


Who should attend the workshop?

This is an open-for-all workshop and will help those who want to polish their organizational skills. This workshop will benefit all WeSchool students. Enrollment is subject to the availability of seats. Registration will be on “First Come First Serve” basis. If you like to learn through an audio and visual medium, then you should definitely attend it.




The movie learning session will help you – 

  •  Understand the conflict between various hierarchies within an organization
  • Understand the concepts such as “Conflict Engagement”, “Office Communication” and many more related topics
  • Understand how you react mentally to your work demands.


MORE about Workshops

Workshops educate students on topics that directly and indirectly contribute to career growth and professional success. They also provide clarity on these subjects by showcasing practical examples. Attending workshops is beneficial in understanding the various technical and soft skills involved in managing a successful career. By participating in these workshops, you can equip yourself with knowledge and confidence in the context of the professional world.