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Spiritual Visit

Date: 26th April, 2019

Timing: 1:00 pm by bus

Venue: Welinkgar Institute of Management

Fees: Rs. 4,000/-

Last Date for Registration: 21st April, 2019


about the workshop

Today’s lifestyle has become very demanding, be it of businessmen, executives, professionals, or students. In a situation when the expectations are higher than achievement, we suffer from, what is called as stress. This workshop is designed to manage stress and improve self-performance. 



This workshop will benefit all WeSchool students. Enrollment is subject to the availability of seats. Registration will be on “First Come First Serve” basis.

All professionals who want to improve their self-performance and get rid of stress should attend the workshop. 



In this workshop, we introduce various aspects of Spirituality and how to practice it. The purpose of the workshop is to help you have all the tools to grow.

The following aspects will be covered during the workshop:

- Yoga

- Naturopathy

- Ayurvedic therapies

MORE about Spiritual Visit

Stress is an ever-persisting problem with a lot of professionals. Fortunately, modern organizations are sensitive towards these issues coming up with various stress management programs. Spirituality has become one of the most preferred ways of handling the ever-increasing stress levels. The main reason that spirituality helps in keeping stress under check is because it helps an individual realize the true purpose of life and connects one with the universe. Spirituality also creates a sense of inner peace in this chaotic world. The new found peace enables professionals to deal with hectic schedules and demanding situations in a calm manner. Venturing into spirituality benefits an individual’s health with various yoga exercises to keep them physically fit.